What we do for you?

Focus – Action – Profit

Are you a company director or business owner who is NOT making the profits you know you should?

Is the worry of managing your business affecting your personal life?

We can help with customised practical advice

  • no spin, no fluff
  • no management jargon
  • no politics or hidden agendas

We provide practical support in areas such as business strategy, HR, logistics, sales, IT, marketing and operations management.

What Do We Do For You?

Feeling Isolated ? Take the pressure off! We act as your ‘sounding board’ using common sense, practical experience and expertise obtained from many years of industry experience.

Find the opportunities! As a ‘fresh set of eyes’ for your business we act much like a non-executive company director.

Do what you are good at (FOCUS), bring in the expertise your business needs (ACTION): then take control and move forward (PROFIT).